Thursday, January 11, 2018

Gift to Myself

 As you know I don't celebrate Christmas, but I couldn't help getting this for myself. Especially as the price was just right. In 2016, DMC released this limited edition golden skein made out of 24 carat gold wash to celebrate their 270th anniversary.

I wasn't ever planning on buying it because the price was so high for something that I will most likely never use. However, over the holiday the price was lowered to $39.99.

The box is gorgeous! I love boxes, don't you?

It comes with a little 24 page booklet detailing the history of the Dollfus Mieg Company.

In it there are also 19th century charts from their archives in Mulhouse. Now that's something I'd love to visit in person.

Since I was placing an order with DMC, I couldn't not get the new DMC thread sample card. The one I own is from 2009.

I thought that this was a better way to spend my money than buying the new DMC color threads. This means that now I have a sample of the newer DMC colors, but also the changes they made to existing threads.

See, there were recent changes to regulations in Europe that meant that DMC had to change the formulas for some of the colors.

These colors have a little dot next to them. See below, left side is from 2009 and the right is the new one. The change is not that noticeable, but you don't really notice these things until you actually try to use the thread. It's not an issue if you do your own thing and just pull your own colors, but it can be a big problem if your putting together a kit for an older cross stitch design.

My only regret is that I placed my order a week before DMC decided to give a tin box with every purchase, that's life. The golden skein is back to its regular price, but the color card has a reasonable price and will pay for itself in the long run. I've used my old one several times over the years. My mom likes to use my stash of DMC threads for mending some of her costlier clothes items. The sample card has come in handy for picking just the right color :)


  1. I don't celebrate Christmas either. :)

  2. It is a lovely box - they obviously did their best to make the thread a real treat!

  3. What a wonderful gift to yourself! Maybe you could use just a little bit in one of your goldwork projects?
    The dyelot differences between US and EU skeins can be very noticeable. I have some US skeins sent as gifts and they are almost a different colour to my existing EU skeins. I make sure I don't lick the ends of the US ones when I thread my needle LOL

  4. What a great gift for yourself. It is beautifully packaged. Very nice!

  5. Tu as eu bien raison: li lest toujours très agréable de se faire de beaux cadeaux à soi-même.
    Enjoy these mervellous gold threads :)

  6. That's a lovely present to yourself, and a reasonable price for a 'collectors item' too. I didn't know DMC had actual stitching archives in Mulhouse, I might have to go there someday!