Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Japanese Landscape - Part D & E

While I was trying to figure my felt problem, I had moved onto the clouds to give me time to think. The clouds are first outlined with pearl purl in gilt, copper and silver.

With the outline done, I got to have some fun with chipping. Below are gilt and copper bright check.

I wish I could show you how sparkly this is. I think these are supposed to represent mountains. The gilt bright check was stitched under the copper pearl purl and the copper purl bright check under the gilt pearl purl. I really love the contrast.

Here is the piece so far and where we will have to leave it for a while. When I got this point, I realized that I was missing the silver wire check to finish the sky. I forgot that Alison didn't have this thread and I would have to buy it elsewhere. Fortunately, I was able to find some at Golden Hinde. I placed an order over the holidays but it will be a few weeks before I get them. In the meantime I have other projects to share with you :)


  1. Chipwork does create a gorgeously sparkly look, doesn't it! Looking good!

  2. Ce que tu brodes est magnifique Dima et très orignal !
    Je te souhaite une belle journée,

  3. Wonderful progress. I love how sparkly the mountains are.

  4. Those mountains/clouds look amazing. I love how the gold and copper go together. It's a little sad you'll have to put this away for a bit, but I know that your other projects will me just as gorgeous :)