Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hanabatake - Part 4

Day four of Hanabatake and we're starting to see more colors. There are a lot of instances where two gold beads are combined. They have different sizes as well as different finishes. This gives the flowers dimensions.

Flower 9
To give further dimension, you can also add on extra beads on a line forcing it curve upwards. nestling it between several lines ensures it doesn't move around. This makes the flower look like it's padded without actually putting in any.

Flower 12
There is something that is never explicitly mentioned in the instructions. Once the calyx is stitched, petals need to be added from the outside towards the center. This ensures you have a smooth line. It also helps judge how many beads you want on the line and helps hide the thread better.

Flower 10
A look on the piece so far. I'm noticing that the bulk of the bigger flowers are at the top. Notice the three flowers near the upper left corner are in the same configuration as the bottom right corner?

Note: I had a commentator named eyestitch on the last post. If you are reading this one, I wanted to reply back but you are showing as noreply-comment@blogger.com. As this is someone else's design I can't really show my solutions since it will giveaway the pattern. We all have to be careful with copyright infringement. The closest I can do on the blog is post good pictures that others can use as a guide to help them stitch their own kit. As I mentioned in the previous post I did make short hand notes on each flower for my friend Carolyn. I will eventually type it all out once the piece is finished as another friend had bought the kit and expressed interest in them. You are welcome to the notes as long as you can show me that you own a copy of the actual magazine. If you'll send me an email, there is a link under my profile, I will send them to you when they are done. If you have any questions please don't hesitate :)


  1. Thank you for being so firm on copyright Dima!

  2. I second Jessica's comment!

    Love the extra texture from the slightly raised beading...

  3. I love your work here Dima. I remember seeing this pattern and immediately thought of you!

    And I third your firmness on copyright! Thank you!

  4. More pretty flowers! I'm glad you have not given up and can make this work even with the instructions lacking.

  5. You're doing a great job with this design. I really like the raised flowers, clever technique.
    100% with you on copyright too.