Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 Goals

I did so bad on my goals for 2017. I completely went off script which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I kept up with TUSAL but completely dropped WIPocalypse.
  • TUSAL posts same as usual ---DONE
  • Keep up with WIPocalypse, I'm picking easy goals again for this:
    • Complete at least one page of Ink Circles' Bramble and the Rose---Not even close
    • Stitch the stonework on Teresa Wentzler's Tracery Dragons---Not even close
    • Stitch the hemstitch border on Donna M. Olson's Fantasy Lace---Not even close
    • Finish Katherine Drummond's Romantic Rosebuds---Not even close
    • Finish Annie Penin's Fleur de Sakura---Not even close
  • Stitch Gingerbread Girl Designs Hearts and Flowers - Already started ---DONE
I've decided that I will not be signing up for WIPocalypse. This year's goals will be:
  • TUSAL posts same as usual
  • Stitch Hanabatake by Margaret Lee (Japanese bead embroidery)
  • Stitch Japanese Landscape by Mary Brown (Goldwork) This one needs to be finished in time for Seminar
  • Stitch on Bouquet from the Heart of Japan (Japanese embroidery) I want to make some sort of progress on this piece every month
  • Start Hedebo Starburst by Jette Roy Finlay-Heath (Hedebo)
  • Learn tambour beading
  • Older WIPs. I'm putting these back in because they still need to be done. I'm hoping I do better this year.
    • Complete at least one page of Ink Circles' Bramble and the Rose
    • Stitch the stonework on Teresa Wentzler's Tracery Dragons
    • Stitch the hemstitch border on Donna M. Olson's Fantasy Lace
    • Finish Katherine Drummond's Romantic Rosebuds
    • Finish Annie Penin's Fleur de Sakura
That's it for kits for now. I might pick up others after these are done but I won't note them here. I liked leaving it spontaneous last year. 

Back in September I signed up for the EAC's Intermediate Design for Embroidery course. I've just finished lesson 1 and am about to start lesson 2. There are 8 total and it will be really important that I keep up otherwise I forfeit the class fee that I payed. I signed up at the same time as my friend Natalie (Sew by Hand) to stay motivated, but have had a hard time keeping up because of work. So I have to be very organized and motivated this year.

I have two major trips this year. First one is not a stitching trip, my parents and I have been thinking of going to Turkey for two weeks at the beginning of May. I have about 4 months to do some research to see if I can take a class on a Turkish embroidery technique. Just have to track down a school or a fellow stitcher living in Istanbul willing to point me in the right direction.

The second trip is the EAC seminar. This year's seminar will be in the second week of July and held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. I'm really looking forward to this trip as I've always wanted to go there. I was a bit Anne crazy growing up.
I signed up for a 2 day class only as I wanted more time to tour Prince Edwards. The plan is to leave a few days earlier and drive down there from Montreal. It's about an 11 hour drive, but we want to stop in Charlevoix and Halifax along the way. I think I'm more excited about the road trip than about seminar, but I still hope I get my first pick. I can't even remember what my backup choice was :P

2018 won't be as exciting as 2017 (I'm saving for 2019 ;) ) but there is still lots to do and share. We never know what classes or new kits might come my way.


  1. Sounds like you have some exciting travel planned! I look forward to your reports. :)

  2. Dima, what wonderful projects for this new year.
    I wish you the best for this New Year and that you achieve all your nice goals.
    I also wish you a nice trip to Turkey.

  3. I wouldn’t feel too bad about your goals from last year - you achieved a lot last year! It’s one of the reasons I don’t make goals - they never go to plan and then I feel bad about it.
    I would love to do both your other points - the design class is something I would love to do (and think need to do), and Anne country! I’m not sure I’d go for the embroidery at all!
    Sounds like another great year in the plan.

  4. Great goals for the year. It is important to be realistic!

    Banu Demirel from Seba Designs is Turkish but I am not sure if they are based in Istanbul. It might be worth contacting them as a first point?

  5. It's very easy to be knocked off trajectory by an exciting new project or even just Life. I do feel you've actually done pretty well!

  6. Knowing you (and looking at your goals) 2018 will be plenty exciting :D I'm looking forward to hear about everything!